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Active protection from potentially infected aerosol

Airsafe® medical aerosol suction lineincludes mobile, stationary and centralized systems. All of them protect healthcare professional successfully in any operation foreseeing patient/operator physical proximity, and – more importantly – during high-risk procedures.

strep throat (oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal)non-invasive ventilation
tracheotomymanual ventilation
endotracheal intubationhigh-flow oxygen delivery
aerosol therapy deliverydental procedures
dermatological surgerysputum collecting

Thanks to HEPA H14 and ULPA U15 filtration, Airsafe® suction systems are also air purifier in every respect. They are capable to abate 99,9995% of coronavirus particles, estimated to range from 0,12 to 0,16 μm.

Functional principles

Functional principles

High-flow capacity creates negative pressure around the 350mm-diameter hood, ensuring an effective capture of aerosol and extra-oral nebulization.

AirSafe® systemsemploy laboratory suction arm consisting in polypropylene pivoting joints and 100mm-diameter anodized aluminium pipes.

Self-supporting arms are easy to locate close to the operation area, so to make aspiration effective without hindering operators’ motion.

Polypropylene joints are adjustable by clutch and equipped with ball bearings with rubber low-friction guide ring. Support springs and other mechanical components are made of galvanised or stainless steel.

100mm-diameter pipes are the largest ever applied on aerosol suction systems. Their size minimizes pressure drops and grants the minimun necessary air flow, which should be more than 400/450 mc/h.

Less pressure drops means less electrical power consumption, granting energy saving and low noise under 60 dB(A).

Air purifier mode

Air purifier mode

When not employed in an operation, VX400M aerosol extractor can be used as air purifier thanks to its high-flow capacity. Leaving it on, the device aspire air in the room and cleanses it 99,9995% from airborne aerosol remainings.

As an example, within a 15-smq room (mt 4 x 3 x 2,5H) with the purifier on, air is cleansed 10 times per hour (a total air change each 6 mins).

Our AirSafe® suction systems are characterised by very low noise level (less than 60 dBA) and low power cosumption (only 180W). Futhermore, the entire line’s components are long life guaranteed 40.000 hours, hence they can be operating during the entire working day. This is a fundamental asset compared to low-flow suction systems, or to machines with brush motors, which need to be constantly switched on and off manually.

Circular hood at high-flow capacity creates a wide extraction area, whithin whichextra-oral aerosol is captured with no need to be too close the patient. The hood material is sturdy and resistant clear PMMA with aluminium quick release.


Patented filtering system

It is necessary to protect HEPA filters from aerosol’s high moisture.

All kinds of dry filters get wet when invested by a fluid containg water, to dry off only later by evaporation. For this reason, after a number of work cycles, microfibers are no longer able to filter smaller particles. As a fact, filters literally wear out opening the way and making useless the filtering section without providing malfunction signals.

AirSafe®  suction systems are designed with an innovative filtering section, deriving from our indutrial extraction experience applied to aerosol abatement needs:

  1. Air enters the machine from top to bottom. Instead of hitting directly the flat filter, in our line air firstly enters asettling pre-chamber, where the air flow slows down and let bigger drops condensate on the bottom of the pre-chamber.
  2. Air flow reversal from bottom to topat low speed makes condensation even more effective.
  3. Fine dry filtration with flow from bottom to top lets the filter separator –suited to be invested by 100% relative humidity – leak possible residuals down to the collection chamber.
  4. Thanks to these previous stages, dry filters with final level H14 are efficiently protected and able to grant for absoluted filtration.
Patented filtering system

Medical aerosol suction system


Clear domed hood specifically designed for lighter aerosol, which are due to a larger contaminants dispersal. The hood can be easily located close to the patient, without hindering the operator’s visibility.


Compact and handling mobile purifier, easy to use and equipped with 4 filtering stages with final level H14.
Silent, thanks to the engine compartment sound insulation and anti-bumps grids on the extractor.


Articulated suction arm: self-supporting, 100mm diameter. This ensures effective up-close capture of aerosol.


CE electrical panel equipped with: on/off switch, operation led, exhaustion filter alarm, hour counter for machine records according to law.

VX400M is a medical device Class 1 Europe-wide patented
Engine power
180 Watt
Effective airflow
400 mc/h
Size mm495 x 590 x 790h mm
Dimension mm495 x 590 x 790h
Weight Kg55
epoxy painted steel
Engine40.000 operating hours
Noise level
under 60 dBA
Stage 1pre-chamber with liquid discharge
Stage 2washable stainless filter separator for fluids
Stage 3ePM10 80% according to ISO 16890
Stage 4H14 HEPA or U15 ULPA filter
Filter seal
gasket and side hooks
CertificationCE according to European guidelines about machines
HEPA filter certification
test on each filter with Italian certificate
Final efficiency
abatement of 99,995% of particales range from 0,12 to 0,16 μm.


Stationary suction systems

AirSafe®grants operators protection from potentially infected aerosol even in tiny spaces not suitable for mobile machines, thanks to our stationary solutions. Those include both wall- or ceiling-mounted suction systems and state-of-the-art centralized plant equipped with exhaust air unit channelling filtered air outside the building.

Ceiling-mounted suction arm

Wall-mounted suction arm

Centralized medical aerosol suction plant

About us

AirSafe®aerosol suction line are developed by Italian engineering, with more than 30 years of experience in professional and industrial filtration air.

All our sistems are 100% Made in Italy, produced in Turin giving the closest attention to quality and performance.

Our staff is at your disposal for queries, support or quotes.

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