AirSafe® catalogue 2021 now available

AirSafe® catalogue 2021 now available

AirSafe® catalogue 2021 is finally on-line and downloadable. Discover the entire AirSafe® line, completed with extractors, plants and filtering systems designed and produced for active protection from potentially infected aerosol in medical contexts.
Airsafe® not only offers mobile aerosol extractors, but also versions wall- and ceiling-mounted to save floor space and centralized plants to cover more than one workstations. All this, with the aim of maximum safety and to protect operators and patients.

Airsafe® systems have been designed in cooperation with healthcare operators, who everyday are exposed to the risk of Covid and other airborne diseases infection. They are infact devices for the active protection of those working close to contagious patients.

Thanks to the extraction of potentially infected aerosol straight from the source, our machines prevent contaminant from dispersing in the environment, stopping it before to reach other people or surfaces.

Airsafe® line only includes medical devices certified Class 1, already employed in Italian medical practices and hospitals for operation involving risk of exposure. They became fundamental in Covid-19 units, strep throat rooms, triages, intensive cares and operational theatres.

Our systems are useful when the patient is potentially contagious, but they become essential in case his/her positivity is ascertained, being a real danger for those around him/her. Equally, Airsafe® is basic for analysis and treatments involving risk of exposure for the operators, not only concerning covid, but any airborne disease.

The main difference between this technique and common ambient purification is in the prompt preventive action: ambient purifiers clean air in a room once it is contaminated, while AirSafe® medical aerosol extractors prevent contamination of the environment catching the dangerous emissions straight from the sourceand filter them through HEPA H14 or U15 filters, before to recycle the air in the work environment.

Only in this way, risk of contamination is drastically reduced for healthcare operators, patients and other professionals.

We designed Airsafe® line keeping in mind usability and comfort of those getting in contact with these devices:

  • High-flow capacity creates negative pressure around the 350mm-diameter round hood, granting an effective capture of aerosol and extra-oral nebulization within a large area around the patient.
  • AirSafe® systems employ a professional lab suction arm with 100mm-diameter pipes, the largest ever applied on an aerosol suction system. This size grants high-flow and low-noise (always under 60dba) adjustable with the convenient knob on the machine body.
  • Self-supporting arm is easy to hadle and place near the patient thanks to its pivoting junctions. In this way, efficiency of extraction is granted with no interference with the operators’ moves. Equally, the clear hood does not affect the operator’s view on the operational area.
  • A groundbreaking and unique filtering section grants long-life to filters, enough torequire maintenance for filter substitution only once a year.
  • Variety of models: mobile extractors ease to move around, centralized plants to make the entire building safer, wall- or ceiling-mounted to save floor space.

Click here to dowloadAirSafe® catalogue 2021!


Our Tecnical Dept is available for further infotmation: info@medicalairsafe.com

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