Centralized systems for high-flow suction of medical aerosol

Centralized systems for high-flow suction of medical aerosol

On the list of things we have learned from this pandemic, there is the necessity to protect healthcare operators putting together passive protections (PPE as gloves, masks, visors, scrubs, etc.) normally already supplied to them , with active protection tools. For this reason, aerosol high-flow suction became an established good practice by now, both for medical practices and healthcare facilities. The aim is to prevent airborne particles from polluting the room, since once this happens is not possible to remediate if not by ventilate the room.

Mobile aerosol suction systems, as VX400M, are already available on the market. However, for tiny spaces and facilities with more than one work-station to equip, the best solution is a centralized aerosol suction system, for several reasons:

  • no floor space requirement
  • wall- or ceiling-mounted suction arms are adjustable in lenght
  • suction arms can be folded when not in use
  • aspiration central unit is outside the operational area

Main components of a centralized earosol suction system

The centralized aerosol suction system is designed and sized exactly as an industrial suction plant. Concerning collection performances, technical parameters are the same for every plant, on the other hand, systems need to be customized according to structural features of the building. In addition, specially designed items are necessary.

AirSafe® suction arm is designed for medical applications: being the exposed part of the plant, it is handled and sanitized on daily basis. Hence, arm’s components need to be made of disinfectablealuminiun or plastic material, while pipes diametre needs to be at least 100mm large to ease suction and reduce noise.

The filtration unit has been engineered for the best performances with minimum overall dimensions, so to be easily installed on terraces and/or utility rooms. Suction flow rate and plant pressure are sized in three models, to grant efficiency even in case of contemporary aspiration from 2, 4 or 8 arms.
The four-stages filtration technique employed by the central unit has been projected by AirSafe® as a response to Covid-19, relying on our expertise in the industrial field:

  1. Air gets in from the top in the settlement chamber, in which the aspired air slows down to let heavier droplets condending on the floor of the chamber.
  2. Sense of the stream is inverted bottom-up at reduced speed to make condensation even more efficient.
  3. Air meets the filter separator, suitable for relative humidity 100%, which drips any possible remainings in the collecting room underneath.
  4. Air is totally dry at the moment of reaching in the last stage dry filters with final grade H14. In this way, filters are protected and absolute filtration is granted, as well as the 99.9995% of virus abatement.

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