New medical aerosol suction system
AirSafe™, mobile and stationary

New medical aerosol suction system<br>AirSafe™, mobile and stationary

Nowadays, potentially virus infected aerosol is among major risks for doctors. In this case, mobile or stationary aerosol suction systems reduce drastically risk of infection both for operator and patients.
New AirSafe™ medical suction systems are specifically designed to reduce risks due to extra-oral aerosol nebulization during oral interventions or dental cleaning.

A customized project

Aerosol suction systems are nothing new, many options are already available on the market, but many of them are low-cost solutions. Therefore, we went further with our new aspirators, putting in this project our passion and over thirty years of experience in the industrial field, to make medical activities safer in the presence of potentially infected aerosol or other exhalations to be removed at the source.
Thanks to their specific design, each AirSafe™ aerosol suction system ensures high aspiration performance, noiselessness, high safety and long durability.

The heart of project AirSafe™: pre-abatement of nebulization

During primary tests run out together with Logimedica Torino, our designers pointed out that extra-oral aerosol produced by surgical tools brings inside the machine body a fluid with relative humudity around 100%.
This gave a new direction to the project, aiming at an aerosol suction system with nebulization pre-abatement. Common aspirators target the flow directly on the filter, when this happens filter gets wet before to dry up by evaporation. After few work cycles in these conditions, microfibers flake and open a way to dangerous particles, making filtering section useless.
Furthermore, microdrops separation needs to be operated with non-absorbent materials to avoid a further risk: bacteria and fungi proliferation, which happens in wet habitat.

AirSafe™ suction system’s filtering section is designed specifically for aerosol aspiration, inspired by industrial mist suppressors:

  • air enters in a settling ante-room, where the flow slows down to allow biggers drops to condense on the bottom;
  • flow inversion – from bottom to top – at reduced speed makes condensation even more efficient;
  • stages of filtration organized vertically with air-flow from bottom to top, so that the filter suitable for relative humudity 100% can drip any remaining in the collection chamber at the very bottom.

Those operations keep HEPA H14 final filter effectively protected and capable to ensure absolute filtration and long durability. For your safe, we recommend to verify this technical feature before to buy any aerosol aspirator.

Power and silence

In order to aspirate effectively aerosol in medical workplaces, a vacuum machine needs to have a flow rate high enough to result in a wide protected semisphere on the edge of the round hood.

Based on this concept, AirSafe™ suction system has been developed both in its mobile and stationary configurations. Instead of using a simple pipe, the large round hood creates a wide semisphere of suction ideal to catch aerosol in efficency.
The suction arm connected to the hood, specifically designed for medical purposes, has adjustable junctions for free choice of positioning. Its pipes have 100mm diametre, bigger than common, so to ensure a flow rate of at least 400 mc/h, unique real warranty of suction of potentially dangerous air. This technical solution, together with machine body soundproof-insulation, keeps nosiness under 60 dB(A).

Safety and reliability over time

AirSafe™ suction systems are active safety system, for this reason their technical features can be easily checked by the operator. Following industrial aspiration experience and respecting regulation that govern these machines, we equipped them with:

  • differential pressure switch with filter clogging check connected to a led in the panel turning on when clogging level raises, warning in this way the operator that is time for maintenance.
  • hour counter with continous display of the system’s working hours. This is fundamental to keep updated machine records with maintenance, filter replacements and check of the equipment.

A complete line for every need

AirSafe™ line provides two solutions with the features described above:

  • Mobile aerosol suction system: compact and manoeuvrable machine, highly stable with low centre of gravity. You can easily move aerosol suction system VS400M according to your operational needs.
  • Stationary aerosol suction system: compact aspirator wall-mounted, connected to the suction arm via ceiling-mounted pipes. In this way, the arm comes down from the ceiling or the wall, so to not take up space on the floor near your work area.

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